1. Fiberglass Mesh for Interior Wall InsulationProduct features: It features light weight, high strength, heat resistance, alkali resistance, waterproofing, corrosion resistance, anti-cracking, dimensional stability, etc.
      Main applications: It can effectively avoid the tension contraction of the whole surface of the plaster layer and the cracking caused by external forces. The thin fiberglass mesh cloth is often used in wall renovation and interior wall insulation.
    1. Fiberglass Mesh for External Wall InsulationFeatures: The product cones with stable structure, high strength, as well as good alkali-resistant, anti-corrosion, and anti-cracking properties. It achieves the best reinforcing effect, and is simple and easy to use in construction.
      Applications: The fiberglass mesh cloth is mainly applied to cement, plaster, walls, buildings and other structures for inside and outside surface reinforcement and crack prevention. It is a new type of building materials for external wall insulation works.
    1. Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh for GRC ProductsThe GRC products reinforced fiberglass mesh fabric uses glass fiber woven fabric as the base material, and undergoes alkali-resistant polymer emulsion processing. The product achieves high strength, and persistent resistance to alkaline substances. The fiberglass mesh fabric is an ideal reinforced material for cement concrete products, GRC wall panels, and GRC components.

Fiberglass Mesh

1. Description: The fiberglass mesh is made using fiberglass yarn, glue, etc. After machinery machining and polymer emulsion coating, the product enjoys good alkali resistance, flexibility and high tensile strength. Therefore, it is widely used in the construction industry for internal and external wall insulation, waterproofing, anti-crack, etc.
2. Process: It uses C-glass or E-glass fiber yarn through special weaving techniques. Afterwards, it is processed with alkali-resistant latex, reinforcing agent, high temperature heat setting treatment, etc.
3. Material: Glass fiber yarn and glue.
4. Specifications: 80g/m2-180g/m2.

1. The fiberglass mesh comes with good chemical stability, and is non-perishable. It also has resistance to alkali, acid, water and cement erosion.
2. It features high strength, light weight, and high modulus.
3. It has good dimensional stability, stiffness, smoothness, and is not easy to shrink and deform.
4. With high strength and good toughness, it allows for high impact resistance.
5. It can prevent mildew and pest.
6. It achieves fire protection, thermal insulation, and sound insulation.

1. Wall reinforcing materials (such as GRC wall panels, EPS interior and exterior wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc)
2. Reinforced cement products (such as Roman column, flue)
3. Granite, mosaic, marble back mesh
4. Waterproof membrane cloth, asphalt roofing waterproof material
5. Framework material for reinforced plastics, rubber products
6. Fireproof board
7. Base fabric for grinding wheel
8. Geogrid for road surface
9. Construction caulking tape

1. Interior wall insulation fiberglass mesh cloth
2. External wall insulation fiberglass mesh cloth
3. GRC products reinforced fiberglass mesh, etc.

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Glass Fiber Mesh Cloth | Polycarbafil Mesh Fabric | Fiber-glass Mesh Cloth | Glass Wool Mesh Fabric