1. Hexagonal Wire MeshThe hexagonal wire mesh is used for chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits feeding and zoo fencing. It is also used for lake isolation in the fish farming or fishing tools, as well as protection against slope greening. When the mesh is made into a box-shaped container and filled with stones, it becomes a gabion box for the seawall, hillsides, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering works.
    1. Gabion Box / Reno Mattress / Stone Cage NettingEconomical: The Reno Mattress can be used only by putting stones into the cage and then sealing it.
      The construction is simple, requiring no special skills.
      It has strong resistance to natural damage and corrosion as well as bad weather.

Gabion Mesh / Hexagonal Wire Mesh

As a specialized gabion mesh manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a wide array of products that includes welded wire mesh, perforated metals, fiberglass mesh fabric, and expanded metal mesh/ wire mesh/ metal lath, etc.

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Gabion Box | Hexagonal Wire Mesh | PVC Coated Hexagonal Mesh | Hexagonal Steel Mesh | Wire Mesh Gabion